Job opportunity

Job Opportunity

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Virtual Marketing Event

Virtual Event for RIT students!

Calling all Marketing students! HubSpot invited us to an event that will help students understand the industry and  job opportunity. They will be providing tips and advice on job interviews. 

 HubSpot’s annual “Breaking Barriers: First-Gens in Tech,” a free, two-day digital experience on November 9th and 10th, with over 20 sessions with tips and advice to break personal and employment barriers going into the tech industry.

During the event, students will learn which jobs will help them break into the industry, how to select and apply for jobs, and gain tips for landing their an internship or job in tech. More information is available on their registration page. 

Here’s what to expect:
• Live AND on-demand sessions to experience the event at your own pace
• A dedicated Slack community for attendees and speakers to connect and complement the digital experience
• Office Hours with industry professionals and virtual meetups to meet and connect with fellow first-gens.

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The Challenge

The SEO website challenge

3 basic pages to create when you develop a website.

Students will then be given a URL, username and admin password for their website.
There are three main things that students will need to do for their website development:
1) create a homepage
2) A product/service page
3) post two blogs that are related to your product/service and fits in the respective buyer’s journey.

Your site will be graded on design (is your design likely to induce conversion?) and SEO (are the homepage and product page keyword-optimized? Is the blog post likely to attract interest?). The design portion will be judged based on the information layout, not aesthetics. While aesthetics is the main evaluation criteria, we want to make sure that your site is attractive!