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Digital Marketing MKTG 320

Digital Marketing (formerly Internet Marketing), is critical to companies in this digitalized world. This course focuses on tactics and strategies that enable marketers, specifically, e-marketers to fully utilize the Internet to market their brand, company and/or products. Students will learn how to create advertising campaigns similar to Google Adwords through a simulation. In addition, students will also learn how to develop a website through WordPress.

Students who are in the course will learn about search engine optimization, paid advertising, and online advertising. Math is involved!

Social Media Marketing (MKTG 430)

Social Media Marketing is no longer a buzzword. It is the pathway to succeed in this “noisy” world. Getting the word out there is no longer an easy task. With the emergence of various technology and communication platforms, companies are struggling to use the right channel for the right audience. Social media, which is one of the communication platforms, has been used to create an engaged community by building awareness.

Social Media Marketing uses various social media to attract an audience, provide value for followers, promote a brand, and set up advertising campaigns on social networking sites such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. In this class, students will be introduced to general theories of social media marketing and its role in marketing. In this course, students will learn how to develop social media marketing plans and strategies with real companies using various social media platforms and social media tools such as Hootsuite.

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